Does This Make Sense?


So, I'm not sure where to start this; but I suppose I already have. Last night after our conversation I couldn't sleep, and then later I did. And I was not bothered until I woke up again. I had my break, as did it but I didn't want it to come back so soon. Perhaps I shall nap again and take my escape.

But what if I was to awake somewhere unfamiliar? Flowers woven in my hair and a song waiting to be stolen by the birds down below. What am I to think?

I do not understand.
It must be because I am too simple, I don't perceive the depths of words. I have too soon set limits on them and the original doesn't mean itself anymore.
I do not understand.
It must be because I am too complex, I over analyze these made-up patterns-a new one born anytime I am stuck to provide myself with another conclusion.
I say it three times, I do not understand.

How are the thousands of miles between us diminishing while your heart and soul is drifting further away from me?

How is it I am falling asleep.


Sometime This Hour


I've been holding onto the rope for a long time now, the tension pulling at the pieces.
Ever since I fell out, I've been reaching for these life savers, these things that people throw out to me. Will you let me drown...?

I don't understand how the hardest thing about holding on isn't the pain you endure. It isn't the burning sensation through your hands nor the discouragement from others. It isn't the thought of losing whatever it is, no matter how much I wish it was. It's having to let go.

I got tired of reaching for visions that are only that.
I allow the rope to slip from my fingers and float between tendrils to the bottom--Now I know what I believe in.

And I think to myself:
So this is what its like...
To breathe for the first time.

Hey little girl. Hey little girl.
What do you think you're doing?
Crossing this street without looking at either side;
It's quite dangerous, y'know.

Little girl, little girl...
You have a family waiting far far away.
Why run when they hold you more valuable than a pearl?
You have all your friends, and each love you so I pray.
They won't understand this, please just go home.

You're quite strange, little girl, little girl.
Looking up at me like that.
With your hair in their wild, untamed curls.
I beg of you, explain this absurd act?


Sir, madam. Whoever this may concern...
I realize the danger, I realize the consequences-but
I cross this street on a personal term

My family, yes, I have more than one
I agree, they do not comprehend my intentions nor my actions
but each I hold dearer than the sun.
My homes have wings, wheels and even fins
For I never seem to be able to find it--
More rigorous than a haystack and pin.

But put aside.
Sir, madam, look at me closely.
There is a magic trick I wish you to view.
It doesn't involve much, just my own person and the falling light.
But before, I'd like to bid you adieu
Now watch. . . as I disappear from your sight.

I've always been walking alone; but I don't mean to.
When I turn around, everybody is so far far behind- and I feel it in my heart.
But I keep walking anyways
I don't want to be afraid anymore.

You tell me that one day you'll catch up to me.
And we'll hold hands like we once did when we were five.

I walk through cities, I climb through mountains
Wherever I go I am always in your sight
I keep walking
Step after step, forwards, to the left & to the right.
But never back.
I count my steps and divide when I stumble
But before you can reach me, I'm already walking again.
My shadow stretches closer to you than I ever will
but my heart is closer to yours than its own beat.
And one day, I'm afraid when I turn around to look for you
You won't be there...