I see them everywhere, those that people recognize.

They're on billboards, television and department stores.
I even see some of them with my ears when they're on the radio, but that's not all. They're hiding in my magazines, on the web and putting themselves out when they're on stage.
We envy them, we hate them. We adore them and at times even ignore them. I don't understand why there are so many of them, but we're not even close to knowing about half.
I find them slinking around local bars and restaurants, even in the grocery stores.
There's so much expected of them: Charity, volunteering, role modeling. Work, busy, work.
We see them as super-humans, a hero perhaps. Maybe even an imaginary being that can't possibly exist. A display to look at? A picture to pick apart their flaws and criticize their strengths?
What most people forget...
Must I remind you?

They're still just kids.