The Rest of The Story


"Help! Please save us!" they cried and two ropes dangled down from the sky.
With a glance at each other, the brother and sister each took a line and climbed.
They climbed and climbed until they don't remember climbing anymore.
They didn't even remember they had been anything else but the moon and sun.
At least twice a year they meet during what we call the solar eclipse.
It is during this short period they are able to talk.
"How have you been?" the brother would ask.
"Not bad," Said the moon, "But its becoming so painful always seeing the dark"
"What do you mean?" asks the sun.
"In the dark, horrors happen. People kill and are left where its cold-It must be
oh so nice during the day when the world is lit up"
"Sister," Says the sun, "The day is not much better. People still do those things"
Night or day, its only ever been but a function of time and an angle of light or things that are bright.


Forming The Mold


I never did quite understand the potato.
Such a silly looking food staple
With an equally silly name.
If I were to be a food--
I'd like to be a thin slice of veal,
a Guiness double chocolate cake,
or even something like sesame soy flank.
Yet in the end
I'm quite just like the potato
who cannot escape its fate:
Plain and tasteless raw
But with potential of such variety
When it comes to being shaped
by a pair of weathered hands;
the chef from either above or below.




Thanks for the offer--for opening a door
One thats never existed until you.
I can smell a different world wafting through
& when I peek in, I can see all the "What Ifs..."
Yes, thanks for the offer--a wonderful one, indeed.
But I'm going to have to decline
For I've got a closet full of skeletons
Who I've got to keep inside


Shreds of Two


As always, you are the light 
& I suppose this time around
I've evolved from a moth to Icarus.
Ragged & tattered; I've become intoxicated.
I cannot resist this warm drug until its extinguished.
At this point of change, it makes me infer that
I think I'm just a tad shy of plain madness.