That _____.


Do you know that _______ you get when you see the one you love

sleeping next to you? When they're the most __________ and you've
silently been given the honor to be by them through the night?
That _______ in the pits of your center when you're watching them walk away, even though you know you'll see them again soon. The way you know just what they're thinking or what they're going to say moments before yet its always so ________.
How sometimes words just aren't enough to express the ____ you want to say or show. & Even then you're not quite sure how to _______ the things you want them to _____.
Everything in the back of your mind moments between the second hand;

All at once you're back in that dark room, with the sun peeking shyly through the window and the alarm clock on the nightstand ticking cautiously.
&& then...
Suddenly you can imagine your whole future with them with no end.

I want to speak their language and hear their voices.
I want to listen to their soundless words and realize how similar we really can be.

I want to know what they hear and what they think of it.
I want to be able to call their name across the field and see them turn around.

I want to open my mouth and be acknowledged.
I want to express myself without the use of words and be understood.

What I want most is to share the silent half of the universe to this world and still be accepted as I am for who I am.
But most of all, I want them to be able to hear music and the indescribable beauty behind every note and pitch...
So I take them by the hand and I draw them into a stepless dance that only we can dance to.


A Dream Full of Tears


Well, we made Fey (though not my name or how I'm known, who I guess we can say is me) cry, and Sabaki (who virtually I suppose we can call you) cry. And we made an Angel and Thor cry too when they heard about it; it must've been powerful. && our companions! They are not like us-physically built being and conceivably their mental health. Their senses went awry and we've tried to explain ourselves and, most importantly our stories, but I'm not sure if it is they who don't understand or us who can't be certain that we understand the way they understand us. However, if language isn't how we'll communicate: They can listen to our hearts and once they heard, they too couldn't look us in the eye and had to cast their eyes down to cry...

You might be wondering what it is we all know, but if you take the time to truly listen to yourself perhaps you might hear something you've never heard of before or something you've been telling yourself for the longest time.

These tears that we all cry.
I leave it up to you to decide if they're of sorrow, relief, maybe euphoria, or something not quite in between.