A dedication to Kim.
You are not alone.
This is for the ones who never knew.
You- I'm talking to you.
The sad figure crying in the corner:

It hurts, doesn't it? When you fell.
Scratched a knee or two.
It hurts, huh? When you walked in.
Saw your lover cheating.
It hurts, I know. When you come back to an empty house.
The family broken apart.
It hurts, its ok. When you're the only one.
Rejected by even the outcasts.
It hurts, don't worry. When you're counting the steps they take away.
Abandoned so easily.
It hurts, I understand. When you pull out an empty wallet.
With an even emptier stomach.
It hurts, a little too much. When you get a phone call.
To find out your mother has been murdered when you were at school.
It hurts, but it's fine. When you wake up the next morning.
Knowing you survived another day in your life nobody else can.
To those that think their life is the worst. Has reached the bottom of the pit fall.
That there is no way back up out of the dark. There is always someone on the next level of hell.
You don't know. They don't let people like you know. Because they're stronger than that.
Fuck you.

I wish I could be a princess or fairy. Just like that little girl.
To be magical and beautiful.

I'm not sure what life is anymore. It's when an organism has all the functions and organs that gives it the ability to breathe.

Of course.

It's not that simple. I think my life is wonderful. I let myself believe I am happy.
Because I am. But there is something missing.
I don't know what it is.
But I am living.
School is starting soon.
I have friends, family, a cat.
Just today, my friend gave me a brain cell.
What more could I ask for?

I want it though.
Whatever it is.
I want it.

If you have it, please.
Please, just offer it to me,
and I'll refuse.