And so says Hobbes:
Take thus all away.
Thus being all variables being influential.
Thus being, ultimately, God & Law.
Tumult, conflict; Self preservation as the First Natural Law.
Protect myself from my greatest enemy-me.

Hobbes is mistaken, so says Locke:
There is no violence amongst our heart.
Peace is desirable and what we so seek is solitude.
As created, we endeavor to create.
Things along the perimeter of property.
A right, to so we such beings are endowed.

And I so say, as a friendly warning:
He to whom I lend my sword to kill my own foe,
may, near the end, with it kill me.


You & I


I know we've had this conversation before
I'm sure you're quite weary when I mention these words.

However, after much contemplation and myself,
Being the more initiative out of the two of us
(or was it three? I suppose you did have the prominent memory)
It was only the interval it took for one more pilfered breath,
Before I simply had to ask
Or else let it destroy me from the inside out,

Are we really different?
I concur, perhaps our interactions,
and must you really mention our outward demeanors...

But you certainly cannot mean to deny,
The part where we're just human?


Balancing Act


That was the moment I discovered myself: Infatuated
& Face to face with something not quite what we call "love"
But a situation closer to the definition of serendipity.

And what I did next, would you believe?
& With this comprehension that has always,
For a length of time that hasn't quite reached forever,
Was finally and formally configured into the words:
Life never was an equation to solve.