Where'd You Go?


Inspired by Danny & his writing.
Thank you.

I remember coming home to an empty house. Those days I would cry.
I'd find myself refusing to eat and feeling like shit.
Those days I wish I'd die.

Then I'd catch a glimpse of you-- and your wide, wide smile.
You'd come up to me with that personality that never found itself down.
And I'd laugh. And everything was just fine, if even for a while.

You'd try so hard to get me to see the lighter side. You made my days.

But you haven't been doing that recently, though... What happened?

For JarBear

I've thought it was strange, a peculiar thing, whenever I would find a flowers bent (ever so slightly) and amazingly in unison towards one direction. It was mentioned in my Biology class two years ago that they did that in order to survive. Since then, it has fascinated me how flowers and plants had that tendency to grow towards the sun, or actually any source of light, but I suppose it made sense. It followed the "Survival of the Fittest". Light: a necessity to life. Virtually everything would die without it. I've seen vines and leaves grow over each other, even block one another to be the one on top. 
You know... I'm like that. Me. I see it everyday, and even take part in this cycle, but nobody really reveals it dry. Probably because we don't want to accept our barbaric side. I find myself among the smaller leaves, the thinner vine, or the weak. I don't expect to be able to sustain myself much longer than I already have.
The sun doesn't shine in my direction anymore, and I don't know why. It means I ought to be dying.
But I don't mind, because you provide my light. 
If you let me, I think I'll go in your direction.