Paper Walls


These paper walls so thin, so fragile.

Ignited, incinerated. So gentle so beautiful & destructively elegant. Infernos pirouette all around us grasping at the pieces until all it seems to be are hallucinations.
The light reflects from our eyes as we watch them burn down; ash like snow.
I'm not afraid with his breath hushed next to my ear, his warmth greater than the blazes flickering at our feet. The beating of his heart-more soothing than any drug.

These paper walls so thin, so fragile.
I don't need them when all I need is you.

There's only so much I can do for you, the rest is determined by yourself only. Your pain is too much for me to comprehend though it brings me to tears as well.

I'm no good with talking or giving advice and I figure you already know that. I never was as clever as you. The way you speak and recount your stories...
You understand a lot and you know this, but in all honesty you don't.
Even you know this isn't fair. The way you used to be happy and now you've forgotten.
This is all I can give to you.

"Life is beautiful. Everyone's life is beautiful. You should try sticking around some, you'll see."
You told me that one night--& I finally understand.

Your life is beautiful. You should try sticking around some, you'll see.
I'm telling you that now. Have you ever seen it when the sun's rays hits it in just the right angles? Or if there is no sun, the way it glows under the moonlight and the stars? Even if there is no moon or stars, have you seen the luminescence around it? Around you...?

Happiness is closer than you can imagine.

It fell today.

That mirror my mother put on the wall.

I need to learn to let go of material possessions but seeing the little box that was underneath the mirror splintered across my bedroom floor shattered bits of my heart too.

It honestly had no monetary value, incomparable to the mirror. It was a gift from someone whom I can't even recall. The shards and pieces I gathered into a pile together were more than just fragments of wood it felt like I was trying to hold on. But to what?

In the end I turned the mirror over and examined for damage. I didn't find any parts of the frame or mirror broken but I did find something in my reflection that was.