The sun has gone to sleep
But I swear I can hear the
stars slink into the darkening sky.

Time ticks and water bubbles.
Air inhales and exhales,
wafting a breeze to whisper
sweet nothings through my hair.

The moon lets out a yawn
as it settles in for night shift.

Yet... How particular.

When a heart breaks,
It makes no sound.

Hello, hey.
What'cha thinking about?
Why--I'm thinking about you.
I thought it was obvious, so obvious I asked.

What'cha dreaming about?
When you're awake?
Why--I dream about the what could have beens.
If it had been us.

Goodbye, see ya.
Soon--I hope.
But I think we can both agree
You weren't born to stay here.


State of Affairs


Oh how does my mentality fare?
Fair, so very fair I say.
Much to the discouragement of my
once fairest of mental welfare.

I really haven't a clue, an idea or even a notion!
Of where, who and how to consider
This so dubbed "feeling" of a thing.
This that was so unexpectedly fallen into my
poor, frigid, pair of hands
whom, too, did not know whether to
Grasp with what instinct it would have,
and yearn to hold dearly to my heart.
Or perhaps... let it quietly slip through
the fingers as the captain of the mind so commands.

Because! That "feeling" of a thing.
This "feeling". Is not exclusively mine.
It is shared--this so called "feeling" of a thing.
And what is shared I cannot take from you.
You, whom possesses the very same state of affairs.
So it seems in the way this concludes is with
the very slight slackening of my once  hopeful fists.

And so, interpret this how you will, but...
Winter has never felt as cold as this.


The Reevaluation


Let me close my eyes

Breathe in.
Let me close my eyes
and breathe out.

I just want to close my eyes
so you don't feel as far away as you seem.


Brilliantly Shining


Brighter, always brighter
It is slowly making me blind
As happy as I am for you
I can't seem to help but feel
Like the shadow of my being
Is disintegrating the more you shine.
I'm not sure how to break it to you
But one day I'm going to have to turn away




Come forth all those times missing
The first being Me
Me who comes from the West
The ultimate place of the past.
Who be the second but he?
The one from below--South!
The only present we should ever gift.
And she, the third
Who floats from above,
The North who breathes infinity into our lungs.
And now we just need our fourth: You
Who isn't quite here yet
Because the East is where our future lies


The Guardian


How cruel that you managed to shut her mouth
from which she spills her heart
& blinded her eyes
from which she drank your grief.
You're killing more of her dreams
than failure ever could.




Enamored we stood side by side
What then consumed us to twilight.
To the point the groveling sun grew so strong,
he managed to conceal all that could have gone wrong
in a net of radiant veins that tore into the sky.
Madder and madder until we're madder than mad
Because we both know that none of us are leaving here alive


2016 Y


Here's the first confession of 2016:
I'm 5'2"now.
Looks like we all did some growing up since we last spoke
Wouldn't you agree?