"Everything is a pathway: Movement is the goal"

Hey. We're not lost--we're just not there
Yet. Don't fret your little heart
Because. If you take that first step,
Perhaps. As much as tendency loves to lie
Down. Is still a route such like

Let me show you how;
We don't have to be ephemeral
--if we take it upon us move.


For All Purposes


It seems: "She doesn't know how to say what's bothering her"

They dangled her lips as bait
Oh so perfectly so, just out of reach.
It seems that she had not only lost her say
But she was also no longer the master of her voice.

What she found capable was a sad
--such a sad, sad smile
as the proceedings carried on
To the point the sun which had,
all this time found its lodge
in the middle of her throat,
finally drowned and became
splinters of granite endorsing
the diagnosis of her mute.