Five Days Late


Doctor, it has been a while since I felt like this-- I never expected it to happen at this time.

I don't know if you'll understand my complications, but that's ok. I only wanted some advice, perhaps a suggestion or two on what I should do about this situation of mine:

It's a bit painful, yet comforting at the same time. I never realized the magnitude to only be put on hold. For approximately a year, I suppose. I can do that, I can wait. Don't worry, I can be patient on things like this. But it bothers me a bit, that he'll be so far away. I really can't say that though, cause it'll be the same when I go as well.

I want to know him better. There, I said it. I like him. There, I said it. I admit though, I am shy.

I comprehend the reasons, please don't stress-I know you have enough already. Honestly, this would be for the best considering the circumstances.. but that doesn't make me feel any better. Truthfully, this would be the time for me to concentrate on school.. but that doesn't mean I'm able. Frankly, this would be when I take a deep breath and move on.. but that doesn't mean I will. Like I said, I can wait. I will wait and cross my fingers things turn out right.

Doctor, the thing is...
I think I sprained my heart.


Hello, I missed you.


It has been a long period, longer than 2π, 4π or even the dreaded monthlies, of time since I've last seen your lovely face. But, dear, I am back for you, and I missed you so. I've craved your breath on my face and the feeling of your hands in mine. Let us speak with our eyes and hear through our mouths.

There are so many things I've seen since I left, and many more I want to share with you, love.

Have you ever found kisses in pockets? Or a piece of hope in the mail box? Ever seen a person's soul stolen with the permission of only the word "yes"? Maybe even a cat helping an old lady cross the street?

No? Ah, beloved, there are so much more to even wonder! If you look at my palm, you can see every scar and rough ridge I earned from working in the cloud mines. You'll find the trail of loving fingers left burning badges into my skin. Have you ever buried your toes in dreams and found swimming stars below your feet? Have you ever smelled Spring's hair and traveled in time? I have.

I've sifted through files of ambition and I've peeked through wishes. I've played hide'n'go seek with sin, and I've inhaled forgiveness. I've spoken to mountains and I've sung with the earth. I've done anything imaginable and everything thought of in the time I've been missing. . .

But, dear, I am back for you, and I missed you so.