It was nearing the end of the work day.
The doctor only had a single patient left to examine.
The nurse brought him to the room and there he found
an individual with overbearingly plain features and
an even plainer dress of clothing.
The doctor was not affected by this outside appearance,
as he had been in the field for a long many years.
It was quite often that these sorts of people come
to his office as he was quite a generous man.
Perhaps he could be described as "good."

What are your complaints?
Do you see them?
They're everywhere. In this room. I'm sure one can be hiding behind you too.
When did you start noticing these symptoms?
Doctor, they've always been around. Do you really not see them?
I'm afraid I don't.
That's a pity. Are you suffering from a lack of imagination?

I woke to the sound of trumpeting stars and peeked through
my windows to find an illustration of peculiarity.
& it wasn't until after stepping out the door
 to walking next to flowers, and then running after the winds
to crossing stretches of plains and climbing robust mountains
it wasn't until I saw places mentioned in fairy tales & books
or immersed in a fraction of the everlasting seas
and eventually ended up standing in the same predicament
I so delightfully had the chance to begin in
is the moment I ultimately began to believe
the world to be round.




There is no jurisdiction in this enclosure where
Tatters of veiled twine continuously persist
That he, with such a charming disposition,
Should often keep company to a gravity that
is able to move him without moving him
With quite such a persuasive momentum
-and it isn't until he finally realizes his last choice
To then, lay on his back & drowsily close his eyes 
against the even span of apathetic cerulean 
-and allow the light to be obscured by a delicate set of doors
That everything just finally stops.