1, 2, 3


"This is the way you do it," She says, "Starting from the beginning."
-And they would all do it the way she did.
But one would waver and began with 4, 5, 6.
"No no, you have to start in the beginning," and there would be a struggle.
"But if you started with 4, the beginning ought to be 4," They would reply.

This would go on for a moment, until the teacher wearily wondered aloud,
"What part do you not understand?"

"None at all," Was the answer.
-And with a smile they said, "I'm just a Dandelion Child, that's all."

I've been alone for a while now.

But I have one who I love so much, and am loved in return.
So I suppose I'm not alone. But somehow I am. In a different way.
Am I that selfish that its not enough?
Yes... I suppose I am that too.

And from it all, there's this pain.
It comes from deep inside, right below my heart and a bit to the right.
It builds up, and it wants to come out. My body isn't big enough to hold it.
It tries to leave me, escape through my eyes.
But I can't let it. I shan't.
Because I'm scared.
If I let it out, it'll leave me empty.
Nothing left of me.

Alone I shall be, but not really alone.
And so I will be content. I can't ask for anything more.


Prince Charming


Conventional bravery, stock chivalry. A stead gallant enough to ride into a war, trusting to come out barely unscathed. Slaying goblins, sorcerers and wizards, but most gloriously a dragon.What children anticipate, hang their hopes on. It is quite unfeasible to take on such a beast, how does he do it? And in conclusion, returns a hero.

Perhaps when they get a little older, like me, they might realize:

No matter how strong...
For a human to fight a monster means he has submerged his humanity
and ultimately transformed himself into a greater monster.

Who should we really fear?
Who should we really cheer?




I see them everywhere, those that people recognize.

They're on billboards, television and department stores.
I even see some of them with my ears when they're on the radio, but that's not all. They're hiding in my magazines, on the web and putting themselves out when they're on stage.
We envy them, we hate them. We adore them and at times even ignore them. I don't understand why there are so many of them, but we're not even close to knowing about half.
I find them slinking around local bars and restaurants, even in the grocery stores.
There's so much expected of them: Charity, volunteering, role modeling. Work, busy, work.
We see them as super-humans, a hero perhaps. Maybe even an imaginary being that can't possibly exist. A display to look at? A picture to pick apart their flaws and criticize their strengths?
What most people forget...
Must I remind you?

They're still just kids.