Do you know of the vast sky above us?
How it so impends above us and is ever stretching beyond the eye can see.
In all directions, it is his world and element of breath.
Is there nothing freer than the lack of limitations?

Do you know of the broad sea before us?
How responsive and vulnerable as it synchronizes a tempest teeming with fury.
In all directions, it is her cage and fundamentals of living.
Is there no state of power comparable to one deceived to confinement?

As it turns out, He was an angel and She, a mermaid.
They were fated since before creation to be separated
by the horizon forever set between the sea and sky.


A Sailor's Knot


It seems some things in life appear indestructible
No matter how grueling, our human hands cannot break them.
Thus, our hands must be destructible
They at least appear to be the cause of destruction certain times.
But y'know. . .
If I don't let go of your hand,
How are you going to be able to hold the hand of someone else?
. . . Someone who truly loves you?